women in blockchain

Since the start of 21st century, world has been known for producing a high number of software engineers. for most of the challenges in the society, such as illiteracy, bureaucracy, unawareness, low per capita income, a valley of a gap between the rich and the poor with so many layers in between, low life expectancy and numerous such kind of social issues are somewhere linked to the population, centralized power and lack of tools to change the system.

We are working towards solving these issues from the root by offering the means that can change the system and establish a new balance needed in the Indian society at prices which are affordable everyone. 

We aim to make a difference in the life of women who truly desire and deserve a jumpstart in their careers. As an action to support the global agenda of Women Empowerment, The Blockchain School is offering Full Scholarships worth USD 400,000 to 2,020 women across the globe, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020.  An Initiative to Empower Women in the New World of Decentralised Innovation & Emerging Technology.