Tezos 101: Fundamentals, Protocol & Network

A 120 Minute Knowledge Segway to Tezos Ecosystem

In this premium offering, explore the fundamentals of Tezos, it’s design, consensus mechanism and how it paves the way for smart contracts and DApps on the top of it.

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About the program

A Glimpse of What This Course Has in Store For You


Your One Stop Roadmap to Cruise Through the Tezos Ecosystem

Explore the most comprehensive guide on the internet to understand and develop on Tezos Blockchain through curated videos and case studies.

Video 1

The Blockchain Explainer

I know it’s changing the World. But how? What after all is a blockchain? What’s all the hype about?

Video 2

Meet Tezos

‘Why it all began’ to ‘How it all began’ and everything in between.

Video 3

Intricacies of Tezos

An explainer on nuts and bolts of the Tezos blockchain, it’s design and details of how it works.

Video 4

All Things Economics and Ergonomics

A detailed account of how the value is created within the Tezos ecosystem.

Video 5

The Fundamentals

Kickstart your Tezos journey by knowing what it takes to become a pro developer on Tezos blockchain. All in under 12 minutes.

Video 6

What’s Baking?

Simplifying concepts of baking and delegating in Tezos. Understanding how and when to use these techniques.

Video 7

Tezos Governance

Deep dive into the tech stuff. Understand the nuances around flexibility and the scope of Tezos’ development environment.

Video 8

Get Smarter with Smart Contracts

Decipher the world of smart contracts and various types of it. Decode how to make one with Tezos and how each of them functions.

Video 9

Rubber Hits the Road

A detailed case study of a project and dApp that was built using Tezos.

Video 10

Round Up

A wrap up session to recapitulate everything you have learnt so far to engrave itinto the deepest cores of your brain.

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What you will get from this course

Key Takeaways

Embrace the Change

Ready or not, Blockchain is ready to take over the world. This course equips you to embrace that change.

Get Smarter at Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the backbone of any decentralized application. Get a blockchain agnostic overview of how they work.

Be a Trailblazer

With native token valued over $3B, Tezos is growingat a rapid pace. Be the early adopters and ride this growth wave

Be Irresistibly Hireable

Blockchain expertise is the fastest-growing skill according to the latest skills index and is now one of the hottest in the job market. Set yourself up for your next career upgrade.

A complete incentivization roadmap to get you multiple opportunities to learn exciting rewards from Tezos

  • Complete the entire Tezos Protocol Education Program.
  • Attempt all the quizzes, tasks and final course-ending assignment
  • Participating in technical and non-technical community activities
  • Referring the program to your friends and colleagues which increases your chances of winning exclusive bonuses.

“The Blockchain School has a knack for explaining blockchain terms in very simple terms”

Amazing, interactive sessions conducted with an engaging, friendly manner. I'm at a more comfortable position with DeFi and Crypto investments now :) Thank you team for also adding us to Discord!


Job in Non-Tech Field

Program framework

Learn, Get a chance to win NFTs & Certify for Tezos 101 Program

Get the best of both worlds: Theory and Practical to learn inside out of Tezos Blockchain

Immersive learning experience

A self-pace, video-based learning Program to be completed within a stipulated time.

Validation through Assignment

A post course completion assignment to double check your progress followed by a series of activities like blog writing, quizzes, trivia, etc.

Get rewarded as you learn

Get a chance to win The Blockchain School exclusive NFTs on course completion. Get access to resources to continue your Tezos journey for free & preferred access to all future content by The Blockchain School.


Our own Learning Dashboard to consume exclusive Blockchain Content

All the content and resources will be available on our platform to get started with learning

The question we come across most often

“Is this course for me?”

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You do not have a habit of grabbing new opportunities.
  • You want to rely more on theory and not on practical use of things.
  • You do not believe in real results and don't have a strong bias toward actions.
  • You do not have a knack for rewards and incentives.
  • You believe in the concept of “Overnight Success”.

This program is FOR you if...

  • You are a Crypto enthusiast, Developer, Entrepreneur, or Student looking forward to exploring this space more.
  • You love to consume video content and eventually learn from it.
  • You want to learn practical knowledge about blockchain with Tezos.
  • You would like to get rewarded with exciting rewards tokens and NFTs.
  • You are really looking for a place where you can put your thoughts into action. 

Tezos 101: Fundamentals, Protocols, & Network

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The Program begins on December 20, 2021.

Experience the first ever Physical NFT launch by The Blockchain School lined up for you.

Program Features

  • Free course with lifetime access.
  • Detailed assignment for the program post finishing the video content
  • Exclusive Rewards for completing the program with assignment and participation in community activities.
  • Guides, Roadmaps and Resources to build your next DAPP on Tezos Protocol
  • Community Sessions and Discord Access to Tezos and The Blockchain School.
  • Learning Platform with guarantee of future content around Blockchain.
  • Lifetime updates on more content
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Hassle-free learning

We were able to understand the concepts hassle-free. The main highlight of the Bootcamp was to make us find new NFTs and earn through them. I loved it.

Shubhamkar Bhattacharya

Student in Tech-Field

Invaluable knowledge source

As I am a newbie in this industry, I got invaluable knowledge from the mentor. He delivered knowledge in layman terms that shows how deeply he is involved in this field. Overall tremendous experience.Thanks.

Sahil Navnitbhai Rathod

Job in Tech-Field

Interactive Sessions

The bootcamp helped me understand the most relevant subjects revolving around NFT. Given references made it smoother. The group took care of everything. Interactive session, memes...fun learning ^-^ and cool NFT giveaway too ! Could actually feel the difference within 3 days.

Manu Tiwari

Manu Tiwari

Great Mentors

I had signed up for the bootcamp only at the last minute (literally) as I had doubts as to how useful the course would be. But, it was worth it, especially the Q&A sessions! They were good mentors. It has further increased my interest in NFT and other Blockchain applications.

Gauthami KV

Job in Tech field

Easy learning with practical application

Blockchain school and their bootcamps are one of the only places where you can learn complex topics like defi easily while also practically applying it while learning.

Aryan Singh Bais

Student in non tech field

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