Introduction to DApps (Decentralized Apps)

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DApps are one of the essential segments of blockchain application. More than an application, it is the mode of application of the technology to acquire different goals. The following course will give a clear idea of what Dapps are and what is the thorough idea of it.

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Introduction Course 4: Introduction to DApps
D-1.1 What are DApps?
D-1.2 Difference between traditional applications and DApps
D-1.3 Advantages of DApps
D-1.4 Disadvantages of DApps
D-2.1 Criteria’s of DApps
D-2.2 DApps Classification
D-3.1 How do DApps Function?
D-3.2 How do DApps Reward Users?
D-3.3 Future of DApps