About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the community an ecosystem that supports and reinforces their learning and earning post-learning journey. The Blockchain School is an attempt to head towards a better and sustainable future with the power of education.

The Blockchain School harvests the learning potential in Blockchain by providing the community a right set of knowledge in the right way which will help them grow, expand, prosper and help the community to do the same with a single step.

It is to help the community understand, experience, experiment, expand, and grow the applications of this innovative and revolutionary technology called Blockchain. Focusing on vertical integration we are striving to become the most trusted capability building partner for everything in Blockchain.

Our Team

Saurabh Sharma

Founder and Creator

Marketing lead at The Dapp List, Advisor to several blockchain projects.

Anmol Kumar

Tech and Frontend

2+ years of experience in Full Stack Development and UI/UX Design.

Samraat Bansal

Tech and Backend

A tech maven & a CS undergrad with love for the MERN stack. Teaching Assistant at Coding Ninjas.

Raghav Dudeja

Content and Marketing

De-Jargonizing Blockchain and Crypto space, one article at a time. 2+ years of experience of finding, decoding and delivering the stories behind the projects.

Karthik Rajesh S

Program and Marketing Manager

Blockchain Evangelist, 2+ Years experience in Marketing and Outreach.

Ansh Mehrotra

Community and Partnerships

Connecting the enthusiasts in the TBS Community with daily partnerships, content and activity. 1+ Year Experience in Marketing. Previously worked as a Marketing Intern at Byjus and Unschool.

Ganesh Hegde

Graphics and Creatives

An B.Com undergrad who happened to find solace in Design. Creating aesthetically appealing experiences for users since 6 years